Story Telling Eventually

Room 2606|Acrylic 30x30cm 2015

The world is a gift, like a carnival, bright with blooming flowers but tinged with melancholy." Huang Po Hsun's work reveals poetic stories and drifting sensations from his travels to many cities around the world. It expresses the diversity of life through his experiences and surreal imagination and sensibilities. "All these stories will tell us about life, no matter where we are from.

Huang Po-Hsun

1981 Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Graduate School of Painting and Calligraphy Art, National Taiwan University of Fine Arts
B.A. Department of Painting and Calligraphy Art, National Taiwan University of Fine Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 "The Blooming Forest ", ART Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 "Mutan / Fighting-fish's Submerging and Light ", Gai Art,Taipei, Taiwan
2015 "Complex Statements / Expresses simply – Huang Po Hsun & Lee Cheng Hsun Duet Exhibition", Flugent ART Gallery, Macao, China
2014 "Festival Ukiyo ", Anderson Art, Taipei
2012 "Smile Overflow ", 102 Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2014 Meeting Art Space, Artist-in-Residence, Taipei, Taiwan
2004 Pingtung Art Festival-Artist-in-Residence, Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government
2006 Fangliao-F3 Railway Art Village, Artist-in-Residence, Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government
2010 Squatting Other's House-Art Studio, Chief of Staff, Tainan

2015 MIT ART Taipei Young Artist Discovery, Ministry of Culture, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Next Art Award, Tainan City Government, Tainan, Taiwan
2009 Gold Medal, Pingtung Art Exhibition - watercolor, Taiwan
2008 Quality Award, 2nd Taipei International Modern Ink Painting Biennial, Taipei, Taiwan
2008 Quality Award,1st King Car Youth Art Contest, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 "Story Telling Eventually", Silks Club, 168 Project, ALIEN Art Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 Young Artist Collection, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
2015 “Dear September", "Plastic Heart", "Fireworks", Art Bank, Taiwan
2014 "Tribute to the Botox", "Lonely Heart", "Saturday Morning after the Rain", Young Artist Collection , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2013 "Stories in the DistanceⅠ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ", "The Pink Roaming Ⅰ、Ⅱ", "Happy Planet–Satellite No. 6 (Phonograph of Candy) ", Art Bank, Taiwan







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