Yearning Back to the Island

Room 1102|Acrylic 27x35cm 2016

From a foreign land, a traveler made a trip in Taiwan alone and experienced the life that could not be imagined in the closed cabins. The traveler made friends with aborigines and learned catching, snorkeling, rock climbing and mountaineering. From top of the mountain, she looked far into the sea and looked down on the overlapping layers of blue and green compositing into landscapes. The time when she was behind the window of the ship, passing by the distant rock coast and the lighthouse behind the sprays, there arose a sense of fear. But now it's all covered by the desire for returning to this land. With this thinking, the tender and moist wind blew through, and the port was ready for the returning traveler.......

Last summer, having lived in Lanyu for one month, the traveler acquired this thinking from her Lanyu experiences, and this was also a kind of association with Taiwan ports.

Yu Hsin-Yu

2015 Tunghai University, Department of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1992 Born in Taichung,Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 'Disordered external', NCUE Baisha Art Center, Changhua, Taiwan
2015 'Good careless', Changhua & Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 'See you feel very interesting', Taichung, Taiwan
2014 'Different family', Taichung, Taiwan







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