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Room 1003|Oil painting 24x33cm 2016

When I took pictures in Badouzi Fishing Port, I found that the pictures were quite different from one another from morning to evening and night. It means the weather is quite changeable, and the fishermen who live at the mercy of heaven feel helpless. However, after the winter solstice comes the fishing season of mullets, and I happened to meet a boat coming back from its early morning's fishing. With the boat filled with mullets and the toils rewarded, the captain and his crews all lit up even they were so tired. Therefore, I present the scene of the unloading of fishing catch.

Wu Chung-Chun

2016 Award of Excellence, Second Taiwan Watercolor Painting Awards, Taiwan
2016 Third Place, 66th Departmental Exhibition “Yes or No” of the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
2015 Outstanding Performance Award (First Place in the Kaohsiung Preliminary), Calligraphy Category, National Student Fine Arts Competition, Taiwan
2014 Second Place, Teenager Group, Calligraphy Category, 13th Xingtian Temple Humanities Awards, Taiwan
2014 Third Place, Cursive Script Group, 7th TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal Carving Competition, Taiwan







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