Rotation Balance.1/4

27F Hallway|Mixed media 13x10cm 2017

To maintain a state of stability requires unceasing motion.
The earth revolves around the sun, the sun revolves around the center of the Milky Way, and the spiral shaped Milky Way rotates as well. The rotating universe is a giant spinning top.

The natural world exists in a state of oppositions and correspondences. The constant fusions and separations give birth to the golden code that unlocks life. Between yin and yang and light and dark, all the matter in the universe performs a splendid, unending chess match of attraction and repulsion.

Our series of creations made for the Silks Club – Revolving Time. The spinning top, symbol of the universe, was handmade and shaped using thin copper sheets. The innumerable pinholes are sediments of the creative process, keeping it featherweight and constantly revolving. Not only does it invoke the starry sky, it also recalls the primeval mind.

Hsieh Min-Ling

2006 Staaliche Zeichenakademie Hanau, Germany
2000 National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions
2016 “TOY”, Hong Kong Baptist University Communication and Visual Arts Building, Kowloon, Hong Kong
2016 "Handscape - Concrete leather, Structured Jewel, Relive the Living", Creative Lounge MOV aiiima 1&2, Hikarie 8F, Tokyo, Japan
2015 “Earworms: An exhibition of very wearable earrings”, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Austrialia
2014 "Scoop it", MANO Contemporary Jewellery& Object, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 "wish upon a Star" Contemporary Jewellery Group Exhibition, O - Jewel Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Selected by Nangying Award Craft Category, Taiwan
2009 Selected by Handwerksform Hannover for the 2010 Ready for Take-off Exhibition, Germany
2009 Second Place, Catherine-Nail-Collection GmbH 30th anniversary, "Jewels of India" Competition, Germany
2008 Selected by the Metal Work Design Awards for the Taiwan Collection, Taiwan
2006 Nominated for the Metal Work Design Awards, Germany







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