Starry Night Cinema - Chelonia Mydas

Room 1908|Oil painting 24x33cm 2016

To symbolise the diversity of the ocean as well as protecting the combination of Chelonia mydas and coral, however the development of human civilisation is threatening the ecological environment. As showing in this painting, the blue tears representing the beautiful scenery, but I hope everyone can understand the real reason behind the alluring images as well as improving the awareness of environmental conservation.

Chen Ting-Ruei

National University of Tainan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 Young Art Taipei
2015 Art Taichung
2015 Art Tainan
2015 The Classic Imaginary-Realism
2014 Realistic Oil Painting of Young Artists

2015 Quality Award, Taiwan National Oil Painting Competition, Taiwan
2014 Second Prize, The Art Exhibition of New Taipei City, Western Painting Group, Taiwan
2013 Quality Award, HOELEX Design, Western Paintings, Taiwan
2012 Quality Award, King Car Young Art Oil Paintings Exhibition, Taiwan
2010 Quality Award, Yilan Arts Exhibition, Taiwan





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