Cijin port side before a rain

Room 602|mixed media 20x30cm 2016

I've lived in Kaohsiung for two years and have just visited Cijin this summer vacation.
Unlike the main island which is covered by the black cloud of a typhoon, the hot sunshine of Cijin fall on everyone's skin. Just after I captured this image, the rain fell.
Even when the weather is not good, the seashore always calms me down.
The sea is mysterious, I use a silver layer to express its enigma.
The sea water in the port is not constantly refreshed, here its role is to cradle the ships. The port is built for ships, the ships are designed for the sea. The ship in this painting is between the port, sea and the sky.
I want to express the feeling of being in the world.

Hua Hsiao-Ya

1995 Born in Taipei, Taiwan







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