Room 2102|Wool Thread 22x27cm 2016

Based on personal experiences of the painter, this work symbolizes the wounds of her memory which are difficult to erase. At last, when the wounds were cured by God, there came some different viewpoints and understandings which transformed her experiences of life into huge energy.

The painter chooses yarn as the medium, with which human beings build their relationship. For example, the grandmother is knitting sweaters for her grandson, or lovers are knitting shawls for each other, with which they express their "Love". Moreover, the varieties of the color of yarn represent the processes which the painter suffered the twists and turns of life, and then, she discovered the faith, and with that, at last, she found the power of love and tolerance.

Yu Shan

2017- Present National Changhua University of Education
1985 Born in Taipei Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 “EVERYDAY ART,EVERYTHING BRIGHT!”,Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 Art & Creative EXPO Taiwan, Dali Art Square Taichung Software Park, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 "Disordered external", ACFA Gallery, Changhua, Taiwan
2016 "City Magnetic Field", ACFA Gallery, Changhua, Taiwan
2015 "Staring at a copy of the practice", ACFA Gallery, Changhua, Taiwan
2015 "Mini Lu! Take me, please.", Da Mei Wu Yan Art Gallery & Space, Taichung, Taiwan







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