Silks Club Wins two prestigious international awards

The Global Winner of the Luxury Art Hotel Award

Yung-Tien Shao, founder of the Yuimom Group, has been determined to rewrite the history of the ‘super five-star hotel’ in Taiwan with his profound commitment to excellence in hospitality. He was the dynamic driving force behind the opening of the luxury hotel Silks Club in 2017 and under his management, the hotel has received a number of prestigious industry accolades.

Following wins in the Best Cutting-edge Design category at The Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels Awards 2018 and the 2018 IES Illumination Award of Merit, this year Silks Club scooped two major awards at the World Luxury Hotel Awards – Luxury Art Hotel – Global Winner and Luxury All Suite Hotel - Asia. The Group have shown yet again that Taiwan can shine on the international stage with such incredible achievements.

Perfectly situated in the heart of Kaohsiung Asia New Bay Area, the luxury boutique hotel features 147 suites starting from 18 ping (59 sq. m). All rooms are furnished with premium materials using natural Northern American oak wood and rosy Angela marble imported from South Africa, adding an extra touch of warmth and taste to the minimalist decor. The large ceiling-to-floor windows invite you to take in the striking city view.

Under the wing of the Yuimom Group, ALIEN Art’s CEO Yaman Shao is the brain behind the aesthetic design of the hotel. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a mesmerizing 4D kinetic installation in the ground floor lobby. A bespoke artwork created for Silks Club, The Dancing Particles is designed by renowned German designing team ART+COM. At the entrance of the In Jade Lounge is another unique piece: Lunar Watch 2016 created by the renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The joint forces of ALIEN Art and Silks Club are determined to promote the art of this land and create an international forum for art exchange. Project 168 was created to push the idea forward, gathering together nearly 200 promising new artists, both local and international. You can also find artworks by Chairman Yung-Tien Shao and CEO Yaman Shao on display in the hotel.
The World Luxury Hotel Awards offer international recognition for premium facilities and exceptional service, and encourage growth in the luxury hotel industry. The Awards recognise luxury accommodation at the global, continental, country and regional levels. The winners of these prestige awards are voted for by over 300,000 guests, travellers and industry professionals.

Since its opening in 2017 the hotel has received a number of significant awards. Led by Chairman Yung-Tien Shao, the Group and its outstanding teams are passionate about bringing Taiwan to the world stage, with their constant pursuit of innovation and excellence. Inspired by the Group’s philosophy of ‘not seeking to be the biggest, only the best’, Silks Club continues to ensure guests from all over the world the most unparalleled and unforgettable stay.





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