Alpha Lyrae

Room 811|Mix Media 60 x 60 cm 2015

Self-discovery" is not persiting in one's own way. It is a process of self-healing, by which one gets energies to mend the leaks of one's mind and contributes the inner powers to others. It switches the one-way creation into reciprocal intoractions
between the painter and viewers.

Making the invisible elements of lit become visible in one's own creation is very important. At the beginning, the painter sought for the religlon to unlash his life bewiderment and adopted rellglous symbols, for example lotus, to express his idea,
il the time when he could, through his thoughts, experiences and understanding, creat with his own languages.

"l Feelin aways changes as long as exteral and intenal elements vary, Life is impermanance. Based on this cogntion, the painter demands himself Surpass the waves of feeling and to elavite the value of lfe in his creation.

Hu Cai Sin

National University of Tainan MA program in Department of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibition
2012 《HU CAI SIN Solo Exhibition : Fury》

Group Exhibition
2013 《Taiwan Art New Exhibition - Creative Print Series》
2012 《Free Heart ㆍSkandhas --CHEN KE HUA x HU CAI SIN Double Exhibition)
2011 《Subtle Flavour--Creative Painting Group Echibition --Blue Blood Exhibition)







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