Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness

-Silks Club and ALIEN Art Centre Anniversary Founders’ Exhibition -

Duration: 2020/11/15-2022/01/23Venue: ALIEN Art Centre, Silks Club (Presidential Suite)

Since opening in 2017, Silks Club has worked in partnership with world-renowned artists and arts organisations to build a world-class collection. It now houses works created by Olafur Eliasson, who represented Denmark at the 50th Venice Biennale and has held major exhibitions around the world including the famous Weather Project at Tate Modern in London. Also represented is the German ART+COM Studios recognised for their new media installations that have been displayed in prominent locations such as Singapore Changi Airport and The Dubai Mall among others.

The exquisite artworks displayed in the open spaces of the hotel seek to impress guests with a feast for both the eye and mind.

To celebrate the anniversary of both Silks Club and ALIEN Art Centre, the Centre has launched an innovative new art project. Featured events include the exhibition Encountering Serenity in the Midst of Madness and specially-themed suites displaying a selection of art books, hoping to infuse art and creativity into your everyday life.

About the exhibition

Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness represents YUIMOM GROUP’s grand production of the year. The exhibition highlights the group founder Yungtien Shao and the CEO Yaman Shao as artists, combining artistic creativity with life experiences into powerful images to deliver their strong faiths.

Yungtien Shao’s art pieces reflect the concept of management philosophy, the spectrum of life wisdom, self-introspection, and the attention to social issues, which ignite the energy accumulated for more than half century into endless creativity. On the other hand, Yaman Shao utilizes space and landscape as the source of creation. Through the subtle interaction between spiritual and physical space, Yaman sorts out the ingenious balance of being an artist and an art entrepreneur at the same time in various languages of art, demonstrating the solid artistic background in the past twenty years.

The exhibition includes painting, installation, ready-made objects, photography, video, and sound to build up a maverick art journey. Furthermore, it is the very first time that the two generations of entrepreneurs show their creation jointly with mixed media. The grand opening of Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness at ALIEN Art Centre and Silks Club not only discovers the sublimation of the remains of the Cold War but also explores the possibility of luxury boutique hotel.

Artist: Yungtien Shao, Yaman Shao
Convinced and presented by Yaman Shao
Duration: 2020/11/15-2022/01/23
Venue: ALIEN Art Centre, Silks Club (Presidential Suite)

Organiser: ALIEN Art Centre
Produced by ALIEN Art

Advisor: Taiwan Ministry of Culture, Urban Development Bureau Kaohsiung City Government, Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Cooperation: JEM CHEN (video documentation), Kamomé International (video production in Silks Club), Liu Fangyi (sound design)
Official Hotel Partner: Silks Club
Special Thanks to YUIMOM GROUP
Supported by: Lady M, Taiwan, Luxurily Travel Experience, Paula Ko, Vivien Liu, Tony Hsu, Scott Chang, Chen Yu Xian, Treasure Dragon Corp., SLA+ Real Estate Development, Songer Enterprise, YOYO BUSINESS, Remarkable Cultivation, Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank Culture and education Foundation, The Real Estate Development Association of Hsinchu, ALL MAY Development Group, UKAI Co Ltd, AsahiShuzo Co Ltd, Huang Pin Engineering
Support of preview: Shin Kong Bank

About Artists

Yungtien Shao
More than thirty years of hard work and experience gathered during the agricultural, industrial, information technology and Internet eras have culminated in Yungtien Shao’s YUIMOM GROUP, a business empire encompassing property construction and investment, five-star hotels complete with world-class restaurants as well as a contemporary art museum of the highest calibre. At the age of 52, the founder actually stumbled into his artistic journey one day when he, at the spur of the moment, decided to make a painting for his children.

Yaman Shao
Fresh from obtaining a MA in the UK, Yaman Shao leapt straight into management in the art field as the art director for Silks Club. In less than three years, her work was recognized with two major industry awards: World Luxury Hotel Awards - 2019 Luxury Art Hotel – Global Winner; MUSE Hotel Awards – 2020 World Class Art Hotel-Regal Winner. For an encore, she transformed the Kin-Ma Military Hostel from dilapidated ruins into Kaohsiung’s top contemporary art museum as rated by Lonely Planet, the ALIEN Art Centre. As the co-founder of ALIEN Art, Shao has curated the works of masters spanning Europe, the Americas, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong so far; and has been widely praised in articles across the art field in Taiwan and abroad.

One can only gain insight into the secret of Ch'an through the passion for facing up obstacles. When one gets focused, one can throw off the shackles of worldly affairs. Permit oneself to be free and create beauty without restraint. Open a new window to the world and enrich life thereby.

Passion and calmness seem to be conflicting attributes but they are in effect compatible and complementary even. If one does not give enough space for the soul to roam, one cannot comprehend the truth hidden in the universe. In this exhibition, you can see an amateur artist who bursts out into the arts scene within a year, exploding with such energy worthy of 50 good years’ creative experience. At the same time, another artist’s works demonstrate the solid artistic training gained in the past twenty years.

Nothing is possible if one never takes action. Action brings opportunities. And when one gives all out, the sky is the limit.

When one acts with such boundless energy, one might reach the ultimate height. But only a handful of people among the hoi polloi can commit themselves to the creation of the extraordinary - creating products, broadening the markets for them, and sometimes even having to make sacrifices and endure a lengthy period of struggle and solitude before one’s vision is proven.

Have you attempted to create arts? Not merely drawing sketches or imitating the masters’ works, but capturing the very moment of life on a blank canvas that will be looked at by many pairs of eyes. This is the mesmerising process of art creation, through which one discovers endless possibilities of life, faces our own reality and sheds light on the world from a different angle.

We believe that pure art means paying minute attention to every aspect of living, thereby transforming and perpetuating the spiritual perception to a stilled moment of senses that can be shared by others.

— Yungtien Shao & Yaman Shao

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