The symbolic nature of the number 168 sets the tone for the hotel - there a total of 168 hours in a week, and also 168 primes below 1000,
encapsulating the idea that art is both a function and reflection of everyday life and also, like a prime number,
unique and indivisible in its singularity.
All artworks in the hotel, from ART+COM’s 4D installation consisting of 168 metal spheres to the bespoke pieces in guest rooms,
promise a dynamic and immersive visual experience with incredible stories to tell.

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Dancing Particles

Lobby|4D kinetic sculpture 30’ 2017

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Lunar Watch

28F|12 partially silvered crystal spheres paint (black), stainless steel 137cm x137cm 2016

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1F|Digital media 6’40” 2017

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16F|Powder Coated Steel 2017

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Reading Image

17-27F|Mixed media 150x50×15cm 2017

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Water Flow Series

5-12F|Mixed media 180x50×20cm 2017

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