Details make up the big picture

It’s not just about the details, but the care and thought that go into them. Silks Club has made an innovative move to introduce the sources of life - sunshine, air and water - into the hotel, making us a pioneer in the hotel industry.

Sense丨We use Low-E low radiation and double glazed windows made of diamond glass to ensure UV-resistance. This makes our rooms eco-friendly and comfortable to the core.

Temperature丨Instead of using a chiller, we have installed Mitsubishi inverter air conditioners that allows individual temperature control on every floor, ensuring that guests can always select the perfect temperature for themselves.

Air丨The natural flow of air follows from the driveway to the high-ceilinged lobby. Ozone equipment has also been fitted to the air vents in the room as a thoughtful gesture to ensure antibacterial filtering and deodorizing. Before the final ceiling finish was applied, the mechanism was cleaned and checked piece by piece by the founder, Mr. Shao Yung Tien to guarantee a dust free environment.

Water丨The Group applied for a special temporary water source to be used during the construction period, to ensure that the food-grade 304 stainless steel pipes transport only the cleanest water. All the water supplied in our hotel has been disinfected and filtered.

We devote ourselves to the small details that you wouldn’t necessarily notice, as we treat each guest like a member of the family.





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