Finessing the Details

It’s not just the details, but the care and thought that go into them. Silks Club has made an innovative move by concentrating on guests’ wellbeing in every aspect of the hotel – because we value you and treat you as we would our own loved ones.


fitted with low-E and EcoDiamond double glazed windows, our rooms are UV-resistant and eco-friendly. All linens including bedding and bathrobes are washed at 85°C using Japan-imported laundry detergent powders containing no phosphorus and florescent agents, adding a soft touch to your stay.


instead of using a chiller, we have installed Mitsubishi inverter air conditioners that allows individual temperature control on every floor, ensuring your comfort and relaxation.


Before the final ceiling finish was applied, each one was inspected by the founder, Mr. Shao Yung Tien, to guarantee a dust-free environment. Ozone equipment has also been fitted to the air vents in the room, which release a small amount of ozone every hour for 15 minutes after the keycard is removed, ensuring antibacterial filtering and deodorizing.


We applied for a special temporary water source during the construction period to ensure that no limescale formed inside the food-grade 304 plumbing system. All the water supplied in our hotel including drinking and shower water has been disinfected and filtered, and softened through an ion exchange process. The softened water has a higher oxygen content and is less harsh in taste and feel compared with tap water and will leave your skin soft and smooth when bathing.


The premium Italian handmade Falomo mattresses feature ergonomic design with EU certification. They offer sound support and pressure relief, promising a delightfully comfortable night’s sleep.


We believe that our UKAI cuisine is best experienced in the intimacy and privacy of an exclusive dining space rather than a large banquet hall. Our superb menus feature carefully selected ingredients with full traceability prepared with exceptional technique, all served with the spirit of ‘omotenashi’ in mind.

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