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- Dassai Facial Care – 2 sheets/pack
- Dassai 23 /180ml
$1,299 Subject to one pack per night, per room

- Dassai Shochu cake with gold leaf$1,512RRP: $1,680

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《Dassai facial mask & Dassai 23》

A prominent name in the world of premium sake, Dassai is famed for its pursuit of brewing excellence. In the spirit of international alliance, Dassai partnered with the Yuimom Group to open its first official bar outside Japan in Silks Club, offering an ultimate gourmet experience for oenophiles.

World renowned for its ulta-high rice polishing ratio (23%), the Dassai 23 range features a gorgeous floral aroma with an elegant lasting finish and has received global recognition, making it the No.1 sake in Japan.

The Dassai facial mask boasting a rich formula of 16 natural amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C derivatives delivers superior hydration. Since its debut it has become a hit among both sake and skin care lovers.

《Dassai Shochu-soaked honey cake with gold leaf》

Made by distilling Dassai sake lees, Dassi Shochu features the clean aromas of Dassai in the shochu. It is extremely rare due to the scarcity of the raw material and delicate manufacturing process.

Made with premium locally-sourced brown eggs, longan honey, Japanese violet flour and fresh sake lees, it is baked at a low temperature for a sensational aroma. The delicious honey and nutty scent from the sake impart a fresh and elegant flavour, with a touch of luxurious sparkle from the gold leaf making this an irresistible treat for the grown-ups.





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