Days-Upside Down Turtle

Room 2306|Paint and fluorescent agents on panel 40x40cm 2014

The painter seeks her painting material from some popular news events, and uses simple lines with sharp contrast in black and white as medium, She expresses them crudely. Then, she polishes the canvas to the degree of smooth and light-reflecting, to convey the idea that there may be some different values and meanings hiding under the glamorous appearances.
Just like this work, it's a news event which people in Mucha Zoo witness. While a giant turtle turns upside down itself, the other one beside it immediately helps it turn upright in twenty seconds. That day happens to be my birthday, so I use pink lines to complete this work and celebrate this heartfelt event. Even animals express love and friendship to one another. By contrast, what about we human kind?

Lee Yi-Hsuan

1991 Born in Taipei, Taiwan







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