Letters to Comrades

- A collection of original manuscripts written by the head of the YUIMOM Group to motivate, inspire and encourage colleagues -

This is what I believe: to concentrate on matters or ideas that are both constant and transcendent will allow you to experience reality on the deepest level, and in the end, it will bring joy to others.

To have lost oneself in a spiritual reckoning is a prerequisite for determining the existential truths of everything around us. A life lived in such a way will leave indelible marks—it will be a life well-lived.

—Yaman Shao
CEO, Alien Art

In 2017, the number of employees of YUIMOM GROUP soared tenfold in merely one year. In the face of a brand-new enterprise, the group founder Yungtien Shao has begun to share the pith and marrow of business management and personal life to encourage the employees through his handwritten letters.

It was not until the beginning of this year that ALIEN Art decided to bind these more than one hundred letters into a book under the suggestions of our friends. Especially in the time in which the world order is redistributed, Shao expects to offer a firm-minded dedication to the younger generations as well as the ones that are currently facing various challenges.

The book is another masterpiece accomplished by Shao after publishing Wild Child and Speak Straightforwardly. By transforming his extraordinary life experience into words, Shao shares his wisdom introspectively, also to family and to teammates, to walk together firmly and break through challenges, giving back to the society which nurtures him, in the meanwhile, bringing up emerging talents so that they can root in this land, towards a well-established reputation in Taiwan and abroad.

The book Letters to Comrades is published to mark the exhibition Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness, which includes the original manuscripts of all letters and is published in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Author: Yungtien Shao
Editor: Yaman Shao
Concept and graphic design : ALIEN Art
Special thanks to : Lady M, Taiwan, Paula Ko, Vivien Liu

This book is published to mark the exhibition ENCOUNTERING SERENITY IN THE MIDST OF MADNESS
ALIEN Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2020-2021

Published by
 15-1F, No. 111, Jianguo 3rd Road, Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan
 T: +886-7-287-6789
 F: +886-7-287-5678

Price: TWD 1,899

All reproduction and translation rights reserved for all countries
© Yungtien Shao
© Yaman Shao
© 2020 ALIEN Art, YUIMOM Group

ISBN 978-986-98584-1-0 (Hardcover)

For collection, please contact +886-7-9721685 #6212 / info@alien.com.tw.
Or find ALIEN Art Centre (Kaohsiung), Silks Club (Kaohsiung)、The Ukai Taipei (Taipei) for more information.





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