Ocean is our common past life

Room 2208|Technical pen on paper 30x21cm 2016

Gabriel García Márquez: "Things have a life of their own, it's simply a matter of waking up their souls." In his book《One Hundred Years of Solitude》. I got to understand my own body when sketching human bodies while then I was fascinating by the beauty of body structure and textures. I felt the kindness from nature to human race through the lengthy evolution. When I started to create this collection, I used hundreds images of whale as references. Through constant back and forth painting on the paper, I learnt that the marine creatures contain mysterious souls like all the others. "Humility" should be the only way we coexist with each other, the sea is our common past life after all.

Sting Chen

2001 Ming Chuan University Department of Commercial Design
Born in Taipei, Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 "World of No Language", ADSC community gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 "Shoot of Word", A8 café gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 "All Are of Metaphor", Kingcar Art and Cultural Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 "Generation Consisted of Electronic and Electric Wave", Taiwan Arts Fair, Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan
2009 "Fuban Art Foundation Geisai#12" Sponsor Project, Tokyo Daiba

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 "Sanya Beach Arts Fair", Perspective Art, China
2016 "Formosa International Arts Fair", Perspective Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 "ZOOM - animals in virtual reality", Perspective Art,.Taipei, Taiwan
2012 "Looking for Cat's Easiness and the Lost Good-mood", aCHI Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 "Salon Autumn of Chinese Artists, Shanghai, China

2007 Quality Award, EPSON Imaging Contest (Professional Design Group, Japan
2007 Bronze Medal, Award of BENQ Digital, Taiwan
2006 Quality Award, Japan Fukuoka Award of Asia Digital Imaging (Graphic Group), Japan
2005 Silver Medal, "Space-time of Chinese Art" International Chinese Youth Art Exhibition, Taiwan
2003 Judges' List Award, Award of Asia Digital Imaging( Multimedia Group ), Fukuoka, Japan

2017 Silks Club, 168 Project, ALIEN Art Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 Art & Decoration Service Co., Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Cultural Bureau of Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2006 Japan Fukuoka Asia Arts Museum, Japan







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