Seeking the World

Room 2702|Ink and colour on paper 34x49cm 2016

Walking to the end of the land where waves shimmer and the sea connects to the sky. High overhead a bird of prey leaves a small shadow on the wall of my hometown. One day the wanderer returns home.

My concept of creation:
I use painting to write poetry. Good poetry breaks existing stereotypes, looking into life with new perspectives. Good poetry has infinite possibilities and can withstand multiple interpretations, therefore, my painting is never a realistic reproduction, rather the image itself - full of metaphor, metonymy and symbolisation. A picture may be a haiku, Tang poetry, or develop into a magnificent epic. It could be short or long, small or big, according to the viewer's comprehension.

Chiang Hsin-Ching

Department of Chinese Literature, Soochow University
Born in Taichung, Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 "Spring blossoms" Art Exhibition, Lin Chih-Chu Memorial, Taichung, Taiwan
2015 "The Golden Years" Modern Ink Art Exhibition, Wuwei Tea House, Taichung, Taiwan
2014 "Like a Fish in the Water" Modern Ink Art Exhibition, Chumken Art Space, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 "Back Home" Modern Ink Art Exhibition, Bao Yun Zhai Ink Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 "When I Met You" Creative Calligraphy Exhibition, TARITSI ARCHI, Taichung, Taiwan







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