Sizihwan Sunset

Room 605|Watercolour 25.5x37cm 2017

One afternoon with the wind rising, I walked along the steps up to the building of Former British Consulate at Si Zih Wan. Over tier upon tier of tress, I gazed into the ChiHo Lighthouse which is located at the opposite coast. At that moment, sunset was passionately performing the finale, the most brilliant lighting show, with various colors, red, blue, purple and orange, flashing through the sky. Oh, that's the famous SiWan Sunset, one of Kaohsuing Eight Scenes.

Hung Chi-Yuan

MA. National Chiao-Tung University
BA. National Hsinchu Normal University, Department of Art Education
1968 Born in Pingtung, Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Pingtung Art Museum Room 202, Taiwan
2016 Madanna Art Centre, Douliu, Taiwan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 '13 people Co-Exhibition', Kaohsiung Cultural Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 'Watercolour Painting Artists Co-Exhibition of Taiwan and Mainland China', Chih-Chen Gallery 1, Kaohsiung Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2015 'Sketching Yunlin Exhibition', Xiluo Cultural Museum, Yunlin, Taiwan

2016 Quality Award, Taiwan World Watercolour Competition, Taiwan
2016 First Prize, Anping Fort Sketch Competition, Taiwan
2015 First Prize , The Beauty of Chaozhou Sketch Competition, Taiwan
2015 Quality Award, The Control Yuan Sketch Competition, Taiwan
2014 Gold Award, The 22nd Feng-Yeher Perfetto Atelier, Collage Group, Taiwan







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