Space - Time Dialogue 1

21F Hallway|Ceramic 30x30x25cm 2017

The work depicts all of the artist’s influences. The surface texture is a record of the process of creation. The marks left by the tools along with the texture and colors faithfully reflect the artist’s feelings about forms. The techniques are spontaneous and give a feeling of sad beauty arising from a humble respect for nature. While the craftsmanship may appear uninhibited, it is in fact precisely controlled—a reflection of the Taoist concept of acting without action.

Time is a continuous series of instances that form an infinite space and memory is our ability to shape time.

The hand-done impressions, line cutting, inlaying, stacking, and so forth on each unit symbolize the way our lives are marked by different acts and experiences.

The fragile ceramic scroll with its suggestion of culture and language represents the temporal axis. It is a jumping-off point for us to move from this plane to the next. The travel is two-way. The two planes may run parallel in time or form a three-dimensional Mobius Strip. It is hoped that this work will enable the viewer to sense the relationship between vision and spatial memory as a peaceful, holistic coexistence.

Wu Wei-Cheng

1999 BFA The Department of Commercial Design of National Taichung University of science and
1976 Born in Taichung County, Taiwan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2006 Taichung City Cultural Center
2004 Taichung County Cultural Center
2002 Taichung City Cultural Center

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 "Infinite Forms" The Contemporary Ceramics in Taiwan, New Taipei City Yingge Ceremics Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2015 "Invitational Exhibition : Resonance of Traditional Color Traditional East Asian Ceramic Art" - The 8th Gyeonggi international Ceramic Biennale, Gwangju Special Exhibition
2014 "Great Talents Great Scope: A Cross-field Exhibition of Vessel Art", Yingge Ceramics Museum,New Taipei City ,Taiwan
2012 "Invitational Exhibition of The 6th Taiwan ceramics gold awards: a competition for household ceramics", Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City ,Taiwan
2010 Invitational Exhibition of The 4th Taiwan ceramics gold awards ’’Moments of Happiness’’: An Invitational Ceramics Exhibition Exploring the Aesthetics of Life, Yingge Ceramics Museum,New Taipei City ,Taiwan
2008 The 4th Taiwan Ceramics Gold Awards:Ceramics in the Company of Various Materials ’’Inseparable’’,Yingge Ceramics Museum ,New Taipei City ,Taiwan
2008 Utensil and Innovative Artworks :Contemporary Ceramics in Taiwan,The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC),Beijing, China

2008 SLIVER PRIZE of the 4th Taiwan Ceramics Gold Awards
2005 SELECTED of the 5th Taiwan Crafts Design Competition
2005 SELECTED of the 4th Taipei Ceramics Awards







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