The Depth of Life

Room 2707|Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 91cm 2019

To live is to continuously learn and experience. It is the accumulating of life’s depth. When one’s arsenal reaches a certain level, then one can be able to achieve success and live a happy life.

Shao Yung-Tien ( S.Y.T. )

Having experienced the eras of agriculture, industry, information, and the internet, having worked in agriculture and industry, and having engaged in business for 33 years, he founded the YUIMOM Group to pursue his dreams. The group covers engineering construction, architectural planning, and investment. He built five-star hotels and serviced apartments, and operated and planned contemporary art museums and high-end restaurants.

A 56-year-old soul, one day, to paint a picture for his child, suddenly opened the journey of creation.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
《The Free Minds》。ALIEN Art Centre。Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 2019.09.10-2020.04.26.

Selected Group Exhibitions
.《The Place Where There Is No Darkness III》. ALIEN Art Centre. Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 2022.11.01-2023.01.01.
.《The Place Where There Is No Darkness》. ALIEN Art Centre. Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 2022.04.15-2022.06.24.
.《Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness. ALIEN Art Centre. Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 2020.11.15-2022.01.16.

1988 《細漢的時陣》
1999 《存善》
2008 《熟成》
2011 《野孩子》
2014 《有話直說》
2020 《家書》







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