The Memory of Time

20F Hallway|Mixed media 30x22.5x14cm 2017

One sunny day, I slouched over the solid brown wood desk to cut colored paper to simulate my imaginings with origami.

The bell went off. During the break, the science teacher guided us in setting up a pole in the school field to observe its shadow. We learned to identify directions: east, west, south and north. The sun told us it would be lunch time after the shadow moved another 15 degrees.

Time rolled on. The sun rose and rose and set and rose again. We preserved our most innocent years in the memory of origami.

Origami sculpture has been adopted as the theme of this creation out of an intention to explore the nature of sculpture through origami.

Memories alternate in layers with present thoughts to build the foundation of the sculpture and try to convey the original concept that led to its creation.

Creation should be plain and simple like everyday life.

Syu Ting-Rue

1986 Born in Taichung, Taiwan

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Projecting Beyond Media – Contemporary Light Art Exhibition, Nantou, Taiwan
2016 Art Taichung, Mioka Art, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 Public film of protagonist, Cathay Financial Holdings, Taiwan
2016 Art Kaohsiung, Mioka Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 Street Fun, Fun Street- MOCA X Community Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Very Fun Park, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 let me think Solo Exhibition, mad L,Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Very Fun Park, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 1th LAB Artist-in-Residence, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 Solo Exhibition , To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Group Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2012-2014 Artstock20 Artist-in-Residence, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan







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