What time is it?

20F Hallway|Mixed media 26x26x17cm 2017

Time is difficult to define. It is a factor that activates the evolution of all things. It can be warm and affecting at some times but callous and indifferent at others. In a flower exists every possible tense and it is the collective of all its instances that form its true appearance. Let time stop at the brightest moment and keep a snapshot of everything at its most perfect instance in your mind.

Syu Ting-Rue

1986 Born in Taichung, Taiwan

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Projecting Beyond Media – Contemporary Light Art Exhibition, Nantou, Taiwan
2016 Art Taichung, Mioka Art, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 Public film of protagonist, Cathay Financial Holdings, Taiwan
2016 Art Kaohsiung, Mioka Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2016 Street Fun, Fun Street- MOCA X Community Art Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Very Fun Park, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 let me think Solo Exhibition, mad L,Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Very Fun Park, Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 1th LAB Artist-in-Residence, Taichung, Taiwan
2013 Solo Exhibition , To Dear. Alternative Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Group Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2012-2014 Artstock20 Artist-in-Residence, Taichung, Taiwan
2012 Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan







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