THSR-Hotel Offer

-Enjoy a 30% discount on THSR tickets when you stay with us before June 2024 * -

【Hotel-THSR Joint Tickets Guide】【Ticket Collection & Changes】

Reservations made through our official website can enjoy discounted tickets for THSR standard or business class.
(Until June 30, 2024, guests are eligible for a standard 20% discount on all train fares. Starting July 1, 2024, guests will benefit from a 22% discount on weekdays and a 15% discount on weekends and during peak periods.

Enjoy an additional 30% discount on train tickets when booking before June 30, 2024. (Please note that this offer is not available during the periods of 2024/05/10 - 05/13 and 06/07 - 06/11, during which a standard 20% discount will apply instead.)

※ To provide better quality of accommodation, Silks Club only welcome guests aged 10 years or above. (charter service is excluded)



    《Terms and conditions》

  • This offer contains hotel packages and THSR tickets, you are required to pay the booking deposit and THSR tickets in full (after discount) when you book your stay.
  • This offer does not apply to ‘concession ticket’ holders, including children, the elderly and disabled.

  • 《Further details》

  • The date, time and train number on the THSR ticket are processed by the booking system, we cannot guarantee passengers in the same order will have adjacent seats.
  • The seats are allocated by the THSR booking system and the hotel is not able to guarantee any preferred seats will be reserved.
  • Any issue relating to THSR tickets will be handled on our booking system if purchased from us. This includes purchasing tickets, checking in, changing travel times (subject to uncollected tickets) and room cancellation (both hotel room & train tickets need to be canceled)

  • 《Additional THSR Ticket Terms》

  • We offer single and return tickets, with a choice of Standard and Business seats. THSR Zuoying Station(高鐵左營站) must be either your inbound or outbound station.
  • The additional tickets are available for either one day before check-in or one day after check-out.
  • The additional tickets are available for staying guests. If the room is booked for two guests, a maximum of two return tickets can be purchased - a total of four tickets (up to a maximum of 10 return tickets).
  • You will be able to reserve seats for return tickets from 29 days up to 60 minutes before departure, in accordance with THSR policy (early booking may be available for certain holiday periods, please visit THSR for more information). For example, for trains departing on 1 May, you will be able to reserve your seats from 00:00 on 4 April (For actual reservation times, please visit THSR to be sure). The actual date from which you are able to reserve seats depends on each participating hotel. For example, for seat reservations one day before check-in or one day after check-out, with a check-in on 1 May and check-out the next day, you would be able to reserve your seats from 30 April to 3 May. If a booking is made more than 29 days in advance of your stay, you can still enjoy 20% discount on THSR tickets, but you will need to choose and reserve your seats when they become available on the THSR booking system).

  • 《Cancellation》

  • For passengers who haven’t reserved a seat and haven’t collected their ticket, or who have reserved a seat but haven’t collected their ticket, please cancel your booking at least 30 minutes before train departure using our online system. You will need your booking code and password.
  • For passengers whose seat is reserved and have collected their ticket, please go to a THSR counter in person to receive a refund at least 30 minutes before train departure. There is an administration charge of NT$20 for every ticket. If tickets were not collected at a station, please return them to the point of collection; a NT$20 administration charge will also be applied. 30 minutes after you have successfully canceled your ticket, log into our booking system with the order code and password to manage your cancellation. The hotel’s liability for refund is subject to the room deposit only, in accordance with the Standardised Contract Template for Individual Domestic Tours.
  • THSR tickets must be canceled along with room cancellation.

  • 《Others》

  • Search for ‘partner offers on the hotel packages page for further information.
  • For cancellation and refund policy, please refer to Silks Club and THSR.
  • Silks Club and THSR reserve the right to amend or terminate the offer.

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