Ukai-tei Teppanyaki

Lunch 12:00 – 15:00 (last orders by 13:40)Dinner 17:30 – 22:00 (last orders by 19:40)Capacity: 38 seats For food safety concern, all dishes are unavailable for take-away.

The Ukai-tei teppanyaki restaurant has won the Michelin star award. Blending the best of ingredients from around the world with a deep appreciation of culture, this restaurant understands the natural taste of quality produce, matching each course with a unique handcrafted plate that is sure to impress all food lovers with such attention to detail!

Lunch: from NT$ 3,300
Dinner: from NT$ 4,800

(Water and other beverages are excluded.)

or Contact us on +886-7-9730122

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation fees: NT$1,000 per person for both general and special occasion reservations.

  • If you cancel within 24 hours, the complete cancellation fee will apply.
  • Cancellations made a within 24 - 48 hours will incur 50% cancellation fee.
  • For cancellations made within 48 - 72 hours, you have the option to rebook within the next 3 months .
  • Any alterations, cancellations or changes to the guest count made 72 hours prior to the reservation will not incur any cancellation fees.

  • If you cancel your special menu orders within 5 days, a 20% cancellation fee will be charged based on the price of the meal. Additional charges may apply for special ingredients.
  • The reservation will be held for 10 minutes; please inform us if there’s any adjustment of time.
  • For cancellations of special events (eg. Charter service, Guest Chef events…etc) made in 7 days prior to the event, will incur 50% of deposit as penalty.
  • In the event of public transport disruptions or severe weather, you can reschedule your reservation.
  • For unreachable or no-show guests, the full cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If the number of guests attending is fewer than originally reserved, cancellation fees will be incurred.
  • Due to limited seating, if you intend to include additional guests, please contact us by phone beforehand.
  • Appropriate smart casual attire is expected. Men are asked to refrain from wearing flip-flops or sandals; women should also avoid flip-flops and strapless sandals.
  • Customers only above the age of 10 are welcomed (charter service is excluded).

Imamura Takamasa

Executive Chef at Ukai-tei Kaohsiung

Ukai-tei Kaohsiung's Executive Chef, Imamura Takamasa, has an exceptional culinary pedigree that spans prestigious hotel dining and renowned Japanese restaurants. Having joined the UKAI Group’s first teppanyaki restaurant Hachioji UKAI Tei in 2012, Chef Imamura has a proven track record over an impressive 11 years of experience. Honed over these years, he brings with him both refined teppanyaki skills and expertise in hotel restaurant management.

Imamura's mastery lies in the artful utilization of seasonal, fresh ingredients, presenting Western cuisine with exquisite authenticity through his culinary prowess. He emphasizes innovative cooking methods with a focus on sustainable practices, striking a balance between delivering delectable, refined dishes while prioritizing ecological sustainability.







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